We put a huge amount of effort into ensuring that the information on the website is comprehensive and up to date. The answers to a lot of questions can be found under the links at the top of the home page.

    For telephonic queries, customers can contact us on 081 519 2342, or alternatively 012 004 0021. 8am - 5pm, weekdays only.

    E-mails can be sent to Please allow a day or two for mails to be answered.

    Customers may periodically find it difficult to contact us telephonically, or have to wait an extra day for an e-mail to be answered. Having put a lot of thought into it, and after testing various options, we remain convinced that an accurate answer is more valuable than a quick one. So if we are not in the position to give a comprehensive answer, phones and e-mail may be left unattended for a while.