Shadow 2 grips compared to SP-01 Shadow grips.

    When you look closely at the Shadow 2's frame, you will see that the checkering on the front- and backstraps stand out slightly, where on the SP-01 Shadow, they are receded. The difference is slight, but it is noticeable to some shooters, especially if they were used to an SP-01 with thinner aluminium grips.

    To give a reference point, the difference between Double Alpha Aluminium Thick and Thin grips, is only 2.75mm, but that makes a big difference to the feel of the grip. Note that the standard Shadow 2 grip is already the flattest possible grip that can be fitted to this pistol. 

    You can, however, win a fraction of space in certain areas if you fit the SP-01 Shadow's grips to the Shadow 2 and this may provide a better grip in some cases. 

    When looking at the profiles, you will see that the SP-01 Shadow grip (in blue) differs slightly in overall shape from the Shadow 2 grip (in black).
    Shadow 2 Grip dimensions compared to Shadow 1 Grips

    The Shadow 2 grip is slightly longer from front to back, although this is a fraction of a millimeter and will not help you gain anything in the feel of the grip. 

    The top parts of the grips are also shaped differently - on the SP-01 Shadow it cuts away downwards, where on the Shadow 2 it is follows the shape of the beavertail. In this area you may feel a bit of difference with a different grip. 

    SHadow 2 grips compared to SP-01 Shadow

    If you look closely at the below photo, you will notice that a very small stripe of blue is visible, especially at the top of the grip.

    SHadow 2 Grips compared to SP-01 Shadow grips

    Thus in a nutshell:

    • SP-01 Shadow grips can be made to fit on a Shadow 2.
    • It will not really make for a thinner grip.
    • It will change the feel of the grip and as such, some experimentation will be needed to find the right one for you.


    • Any SP-01 grip may require minor fitting to make them work on a Shadow 2.
    • Most SP-01 grips are made for the pan head screws which comes standard on an SP-01 Shadow.
      • Fitting an SP-01 Shadow grip (with the exception of CZ OEM aluminium grips as pictured above) to a Shadow 2 will require CZ75 pan head grip screws to be purchased separately.
      • Fitting a Shadow 2 grip to a Shadow 1 will require countersunk Shadow 2 grip screws (supplied with the Shadow 2 grips)