Customers are welcome to contact on the same channels as always.

    Our systems and processes are well geared towards working from home. We have a ton of experience with it, as this is not the first time we're doing it. All of us have seamless access to our central email address ( and telephone number (012 004 0021), so we're as on top of inquiries as always.

    I thank God that the lockdowns all over the world seems to be having the desired effect, and that the rates of infections seem to be slowly decreasing. If this continues, we may see a gradual relaxation of the social distancing measures after April 16. While there is no way to say when couriers would be operating again, I am cautiously optimistic. With that in mind, I have activated the 'Delayed courier' option on the website, allowing new orders to be placed.

    Orders will be shipped as soon as measures are sufficiently relaxed. Again, this is nothing new to us, having routinely done this successfully during closed periods in the past.