Inside waist band holsters (P-07)

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    Remora - Reinforced (Compact)

    RH 10 RFT

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    The original Remora Holster with REINFORCED TOP.

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    The unique design of our “RFT” holster allows you to safely, smoothly, and securely one handed re-holster draw after draw. This design provides the same high degree of weapon retention characteristics as our original design.

    Remora's exclusive manufacturing process is unmatched. The outer skin of the holster is an incredible rubberized non-slip fabric that holds like no other. The inner padding combined with a minimum amount of compression holds the firearm in place until drawn. The inside liner ensures that your firearm can be easily drawn and your holster will not be drawn out with the firearm. The non-slip binding also helps hold holster in place. The entire outer skin of the holster helps it "stick."

    Remora holsters are waterproof, fire retardant, washable, lightweight, and durable.

    Fits most compact sized pistols:

    • CZ P-07
    • CZ75 Compact / P-01
    • CZ 100
    • Beretta PX4 Storm full size
    • Glock 19/23/25/32/38
    • Sig 250C / P220 / P229 / SP2022
    • H&K P30 / USP