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    Apex Alu Trigger Duty/Carry Action Kit (M&P / 2.0)

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    Apex Tactical Aluminium Action Enhancement Trigger with Duty / Carry Action Enhancement Kit for M&P and M&P 2.0

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    R4,450.00 tax incl.

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    The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger directly replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid body aluminium trigger, and a center mounted pivoting safety. The rounded face of the trigger provides a smooth comfortable surface for the shooter’s finger while firing. The trigger also reduces pre-travel and over-travel from the factory trigger.


    The Apex Duty/Carry Kit is engineered to provide the M&P pistol owner with a smooth, consistent 5.0 to 5.5 lbs. trigger pull with the advantages of shorter over-travel and shortened trigger reset. All of the components work together to provide a pull weight within the acceptable range for a top end, service pistol. The kit itself is designed to be drop-in and should not require further gunsmithing, however, armorer or gunsmith installation is recommended.


    Expected Results

    • Smooths trigger pull
    • Reduces trigger pre-travel and over-travel by approximately 30%
    • Reduces reset length
    • Reduces trigger pull weight by approximately 1 lb. for a pull weight around 5-5.5 lbs for Duty/Carry applications
    • Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values

    Available in two versions:

    • M&P      - Fits M&P9 and M&P40
    • M&P2.0 - Fits M&P45 as well as M&P 2.0 in 9mm, .40 and .45



    • Aluminium Action Enhancement Trigger
    • Duty / Carry Action Enhancement Kit
      • Fully machined sear
      • Duty / carry spring set
      • Ultimate striker block kit
      • Slave pin


    Follow installation instructions on Apex Tactical website.