Recoil Management (Gen 4)

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    Eemann Captured Guide Rod ( Glock Gen 3/ 4)

    ET 120001

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    Stainless steel captured guide rod for Glock generations 3 / 4.

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    R650.00 tax incl.

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    Stainless steel guide rod for full- and competition size Glocks.

    Allows reduced weight recoil springs (ET 121010 - ET 121016) to be used in a convenient "captured" configuration on Generations 4 and earlier.

    Quick and easy to install and remove.

    Includes adapter for Gen 4 models. Fits Gen 1-3 models without adapter.

    Fits Glock 17 / 22 / 34 / 35

    How it works.

    Stainless steel construction adds some weight to the front of the frame, reducing recoil slightly.

    Recoil during the first part of the operating cycle is transferred through the recoil spring. A lighter spring transfers less recoil to the frame during this part of the cycle, but a too light recoil spring won't reduce the slide speed enough and will see the slide battering the frame at the back of the cycle. Competition loads are however usually a lot softer than self defense loads, allowing a lighter spring to be used for less felt recoil.