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    Dawson Fiber / Fiber Carry Set (Gen 3 / 4)

    DP 310-010

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    Fiber optic front sight.

    Fiber optic carry profile rear sight.

    Standard width rear notch.

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    Availability date: 2020-04-30

    R2,000.00 tax incl.

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    Fiber optic sights glow highly visible during the day. Popular for sport shooting as well as every day carry.

    Fiber optic front sight

    • The fiber accumulates ambient light along its length and emits it through the end for a very bright dot in daytime.
    • Narrow 2.7mm blade (standard width is 3.8mm)
    • 1mm fiber
    • Counter bored optic keeps sight picture clear and bright.
    • Dark Shadow Serrations blackout blade and enhance optic.

    Fiber optic rear sight

    • Serrations on the black sights are designed to draw your eyes to the HiDev sight notch, providing a clear, crisp sight picture.
    • Snag free forward leading blade.
    • 3.2mm wide notch
    • All corners rounded for comfort.

    Available for 9mm / .40 S&W only

    Supplied with spare red and green fiber optic rods and front & rear sight installation punches.