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    Dawson Black / Tritium Charger Set (Gen 3 / 4)

    DP 018-184/019-015

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    Tritium front sight.

    Black charger profile rear sight.

    Standard width rear notch.

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    R1,990.00 tax incl.

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    Tritium night sights glow permanently, without the need to be "charged," making them ideal or a home defense or carry gun.

    Tritium front sight

    • High quality tritium vials manufactured by Trijicon.
    • 3.2mm blade (standard width is 3.8mm)
    • White ring around tritium insert for enhanced daytime visibility.

    Black rear sight

    • Serrations on the black sights are designed to draw your eyes to the HiDev sight notch, providing a clear, crisp sight picture.
    • Snag free forward leading blade.
    • 3.2mm wide notch
    • Undercut serrated front surface facilitates one-handed charging of the pistol.

    Available for 9mm / .40 S&W only.

    Supplied with front & rear sight installation punches.