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    Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight (Glock)

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    Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight in various heights.

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    R900.00 tax incl.

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    Fiber optic sights glow highly visible during the day. Popular for sport shooting as well as every day carry.

    • The fiber accumulates ambient light along its length and emits it through the end for a very bright dot during the daytime.
    • Narrow 2.7mm blade (standard width is 3.8mm)
    • 1mm fiber
    • Counter bored optic keeps sight picture clear and bright.
    • Dark Shadow Serrations blackout blade and enhance optic.

    Dawson Precision know the many factors involved in perfect bullet impact, that's why they make so many different heights and widths sights for your pistol. It's a big undertaking to manufacture so many different front sights but the owner of Dawson Precision is a shooter and believes a pistol that is not zeroed properly is useless. (The owner of Jizni is also a shooter, so we'll stock them.)

    Made to be matched with Dawson rear sights. Won't match with standard Glock rear sights.

    Visit Dawson's website to calculate the adjustment needed to get your bullets impacting where you aim: (Please shoot as carefully as possible over a rest when measuring your current deviation.) As a reference, Dawson specifies the following heights as standard for their sight sets (note that the Dawson rear sight is higher than Glock OEM, so these heights won't match a Glock rear sight):

    Glock modelDawson front sight
    Gen4 (9mm / .40).205"
    Gen4 (.45).190"
    Gen5 (G17 / G19).235"
    Gen5 (G34).215"
    Gen5 (19X / G45).225"
    G42 / G43 / G48.185"
    Adjustable set.300"