Trigger Pull (Gen 4)

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    Eemann Competition Kit (Gen 4)

    ET 120019

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    Full competition set for Glock Gen 4.

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    R375.00 tax incl.

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    The Eemann Tech GLOCK Competition Spring Kit allows you to lighten the trigger pull weight of your GLOCK.

     Contains the following springs:

    • Eemann Tech GLOCK Firing Pin Spring (4lb Reduced power)
    • Eemann Tech GLOCK Trigger Spring (Extra power)
    • Eemann Tech GLOCK Firing Pin Safety Spring (Reduced power)
    • Glock OEM 2kg (minus) connector
    • Glock OEM extended magazine release (Gen 4)

    For competition use only.

    Important note: A very light firing pin spring like this can cause light strikes with some ammunition. This combination of extra power trigger spring (pulling the trigger rearwards) and reduced power firing pin spring (pushing trigger forwards) may result in the trigger not being pushed all the way forward, resulting in the trigger safety not resetting. Test the function thoroughly. If this problem occurs, try to reduce the friction in the mechanism and / or use only one of the two springs.

    How it works.

    As the trigger is pulled, the Firing Pin spring (7) is compressed until the firing pin is released, at which time it drives the firing pin towards the cartridge. The Reduced Power Firing Pin Spring reduces the force against the trigger. (It also reduces the primer strike force, so should be used only for competition or well tested ammunition.)

    The Trigger Spring (25)pulls the trigger rearwards, to keep it in contact with the firing pin. An extra power trigger spring therefor serves to make the trigger lighter.

    During the rearwards travel of the trigger bar, the firing pin safety is disengaged, pushing against the Firing Pin Safety Spring (10). A reduced power firing pin safety spring therefor makes the trigger lighter.